Diamond Dynasty

Diamond Dynasty is the ultimate
fantasy baseball.

Build a unique 25-man squad
and compete against friends,
enemies, and frenemies (online and off)
to rule the diamond.

Form a

Thanks to Universal
when you fire up The Show
you’ll be given new player cards
to build your squad.

You can also collect cards
by purchasing packs or
bartering in the
online marketplace.

design UNIFORMS and a Logo

Your squad is going to need a
team name, a logo, and some

Use The Show’s uniform
creator to
give your team
a unique look and feel.

Wheel & Deal

Have a favorite player that you
need on your squad?
Acquire him through the online marketplace.

While you’re there, post orders on players
you aren’t using to collect stubs.

Make web gems with Ozzie

and mash clutch homers with MR. OCTOBER

Collect all the MLB® players
for a specific team and
unlock that team’s legend.


Take your squad on the road, conquering territories and expanding your fan base
in conquest mode, a single player online experience

Faceoff in Battle Royale, an online elimination tournament with a
unique 25-round draft that ensures
competitive balance. Only one champion
will be left standing.