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Season 2 Live Now!

MLB® The Show™ 23's Season 2 Rewards Program drops today* (May 12th), bringing an amazing array of new content including, but not limited to, the Kaiju Series and Incognito Series

* Internet connection required for Season 2 update and rewards



  • Top Features

    What's New in 23?

    Improvements across the board from visuals to gameplay.

  • Road to the Show

    Take Your Own Road

    Become a Ballplayer and journey from the minors to the majors; define your legacy.

  • Diamond Dynasty

    Build Your Dream Team

    Create the stacked team of your dreams. ***

  • Crossplay Benefits

    Play co-op with your friends, across consoles

    Play the new and improved online co-op mode on whatever consoles you and your friends play on with crossplay. *

  • March to October

    Take your favorite team through a season in less time

    Love Franchise Mode but don't have the time? Take control of your favorite team, focus on the key streamlined in-season moments and see if you can get to the Playoffs and beyond.

  • Franchise Mode

    Manage a Team

    Run a franchise the way you want to.

  • Negro Leagues Season 1

    MLB The Show 23 introduces a new game experience, Storylines: The Negro Leagues Season 1!

    Learn more about the influence the Negro Leagues has had on Baseball with Storylines in MLB® The Show™ 23 **

  • Captains

    Take Charge of Your Team

    Boost your DD team with a Captain. Captain Abilities and Boosts subject to change.

  • World Baseball Classic

    Rep Your Country

    The World Baseball Classic comes to Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 23. World Baseball Classic content available until 12/31/23

  • Co-op

    Team Up

    Play a new refined online co-op experience in MLB The Show 23. *

  • Home Run Derby

    Smash Dingers

    Swing for the fences in our Home Run Derby mode.

Game Modes

Play Your Way

  • Road to the Show

    Road to The Show

    The Ultimate baseball RPG. Take your created Ballplayer from the Minors to the MLB. Customize your player, loadout, and progression in this immersive experience.

  • Diamond Dynasty

    Diamond Dynasty

    Build and manage the team of your dreams with legends of baseball's past, and stars of the present. Square off in offline game modes or face online competition. With a full season of Live Content, player cards, ratings, missions, and programs are all updated throughout the year. ***

  • March to October

    March to October

    Can you take your favorite franchise through the season and into the playoffs? Play the season's biggest moments in this streamlined experience designed for folks who don't have the time to play a 162 game season.

  • Franchise


    Can you take your favorite team to the promised land? Control every aspect of your favorite franchise. Wield your destiny in this full strategic simulation experience.

  • Negro Leagues

    Negro Leagues

    Learn more about the influence the Negro Leagues has had on Baseball with Storylines in MLB® The Show™ 23 **

  • Co-op


    Play online with your friends across any console MLB The Show is available on. It's like couch play, but you're on different couches. *

  • Home Run Derby

    Home Run Derby

    Hit bombs. Go yard. Go big or go home. Play against the CPU or your friends to see once and for all who mashes most in the batter's box.


Play Conquest, Showdown & Moments; Earn Incognito players & Alter Ego choice pack; Alter Ego 3 pack in Shop with J. Turner, C. Sale & M. Brantley
Play new Topps Now Moments with rookies; Unlock more Flashbacks and Captains
Lineups: Kaiju, Incognito, AL/NL Central divisions & Core set; Kaiju rewards: H. Killebrew, B. Saberhagen & A. Gordon
Conquer Baltimore Orioles Conquest map; Unlock Nike City Connect uniform! Earn bat skin, profile icon & banner
Next Roster Update with upgrades and downgrades of player attributes; Celebrate Lou Gehrig Day in MLB The Show!
Monthly Awards Program featuring the Lightning player of May; New Event with lineups using Monthly Awards, Topps Now & more players
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