3rd Inning Program Debuts New Legend Troy Glaus

June 4th, 2021

The 3rd Inning Program is here and comes with a new set of Missions, Moments, and Collections for you to earn XP and Rewards in MLB® The Show 21TM. Get ready because 3rd Inning Bosses Troy Glaus, Grady Sizemore, and Dennis Eckersley are waiting to show you who’s the boss. Earn 350,000 XP in the 3rd Inning Program to earn the Bosses choice pack to choose one of them. Innings Programs are only available for a limited time, so be sure to complete the 3rd Inning Program prior to July 1st when this Featured Program ends.

New 3rd Inning Program Collections

  • Collect all 3 of the 2nd Inning Bosses (Jason Bay, Lee Smith & Don Mattingly) to earn 50,000 XP towards the 3rd Inning Program.
  • Collect All-Star Ozzie Smith by completing his Evolution Program to earn 15,000 XP towards the 3rd Inning Program.
  • Collect All-Star Gary Carter by completing his Evolution Program to earn 15,000 XP towards the 3rd Inning Program.
    • Remember to start an Evolution Program, you need to earn the player’s Rookie item in the Daily Moments Program first.

Pizza Conquest Map

The 3rd Inning’s Pizza Conquest Map is here, so grab a slice topped with hidden rewards for you to sink your teeth into. Be sure to get a taste of the Pizza Conquest Map then conquer territories, grow your fanbase and defeat your rivals to rake in the dough.

New Topps Now Moments

Choose three Topps Now Flashbacks after completing this week’s set of Moments. You will have two Diamond rounds and one Silver round in the choice pack.

Topps Now Moments – Choice Pack Rewards – Choose 3 player items

  • Freddy Peralta, Milwaukee Brewers, 90 OVR SP
  • Rich Hill, Tampa Bay Rays 89 OVR SP
  • Robbie Grossman, Detroit Tigers, 88 OVR LF
  • Alek Monoah, Toronto Blue Jays, 87 OVR SP
  • Jason Vosler, San Francisco Giants, 79 OVR 3B
  • James Kaprielian, Oakland A’s, 79 OVR SP

Live Series Event

The Live Series event is live! Build a team of current-day players to earn Diamond Choice Packs at 30 and 40 cumulative wins, along with more Ballin’ is a Habit packs, Gold packs and 50 The Show packs!

Event Rules:

  • Live Series players only
  • Min Player – 65 OVR
  • Max Team – 89 OVR
  • 3-Inning Games
  • Difficulty: All-Star

Headliners Set 14 Pack

Get ready because “The Commerce Comet” is in your orbit! That’s right, the one and only Mickey Mantle makes his debut in MLB The Show 21 thanks to the Headliners Set 14 Pack. Similar to previous Headliner Packs, this pack contains 1:10 odds of pulling a Diamond. Although, that Diamond is not guaranteed to be the featured Mickey Mantle player item. The Headliners Set 14 Pack is available now in The Show Shop for 7,500 Stubs and is limited to 5 packs per player.

Roster Update

Today’s Roster Update aligns your MLB The Show 21’s rosters with the current MLB rosters. Roster transactions will happen weekly throughout the season, and Roster Attribute Updates occur every other week.

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