Companion App

The MLB The Show Companion App provides a complimentary experience for MLB The Show 21


Keep an eye on your Community Marketplace transactions on the go. Search cards, create orders, manage your watchlist and view card details.

Also check the latest news, game updates, roster updates and live content.

Get notified when your Community Market orders update or when your friend pulls a Diamond!


Do I need to own MLB The Show 21 to use the app?
Yes, the Companion App only supports MLB The Show 21, and there are no plans to support previous MLB The Show titles. 

What are the minimum operating system requirements?
Android 11 or iOS 12

Can I purchase Stubs through the app?

I got feedback! Where can I post?
We’d love to hear your feedback. Please let us know what you think on the Community Forums

In what regions is the App available to download?
The Companion App currently only available in the United States and Canada