1st Inning Program and 1st Week of New Content!

April 23rd, 2021

1st Inning Program Bosses

MLB The Show 21’s 1st Inning Program is packed with missions, moments, and collections to help you earn a bevy of rewards to start your season off right. In addition to these challenges, you will also face off against 1st Inning Bosses Milestone Kenny Lofton, 2nd Half Heroes Mike Piazza, and Rookie Fernando Valenzuela. You’ll need to earn 350,000 XP in the 1st Inning Program for a chance to earn these Bosses and then add them to your roster. Be sure to complete the 1st Inning Program prior to May 7 because this year you only have a limited time to complete programs, and when they’re gone they’re gone!

1st Inning Showdown

Select one of the 1st Inning Bosses (Milestone Kenny Lofton, 2nd Half Heroes Mike Piazza, and Rookie Fernando Valenzuela) to lead your Showdown Squad then build your team and take on the 1st Inning Showdown for a chance to earn XP towards the 1st Inning Program.

Topps Now Moments

Topps Now Moments allow you an opportunity to relive some of the most memorable Moments of the MLB 2021 season for a chance to earn player items you can use on your Diamond Dynasty team. Complete these Moments to earn XP, and then select 2 player items from the Topps Now Moments Weekly Choice Packs!

Topps Now Moments – 04.12 – 04.18 Choice Pack Rewards

  • Carlos Rodón
  • Adam Duvall
  • Tyler Stephenson
  • Ty France

Roberto Clemente 0 Stubs Pack

Be sure to redeem your Roberto Clemente Pack for 0 Stubs from The Show Shop, available for a limited time, to get your mitts on the Diamond 85 OVR Roberto Clemente player item.

Space 2 Choice Pack

The Space 2 Choice Pack brings the New Legend Mike Hampton, along with 7 other new players and 3 new uniforms, to MLB The Show 21. Each Pack delivers a guaranteed Uniform player item and consists of a two-tier selection system with either a 90+ OVR or 87 OVR player items. The Space 2 Choice Pack is available now in the Show Shop for 30,000 Stubs and is limited to 2 packs per player.

Welcome to the Show Event
Miguel Cabrera and John Smoltz

Participate in the Welcome to the Show: Part 1 event for a chance to earn Diamond 85 OVR John Smoltz and Diamond 92 OVR Miguel Cabrera along with numerous other event rewards.

Event Rules:

  • American League Pitchers
  • National League Hitters
  • Or Common Players
  • Max Team – 85 OVR
  • 3-Inning Games
  • Difficulty: All-Star
  • Free Entries

Headliners Set 3 Featuring Awards Tim Salmon

The Headliners: Set 3 Pack features new Awards series Diamond 91 OVR Tim Salmon. Similar to previous Headliner Packs, this pack contains a 1:10 odds of pulling a Diamond. Although, that Diamond is not guaranteed to be the featured Diamond 91 OVR Tim Salmon player item. The Headliners: Set 3 Pack is available now in The Show Shop for 7,500 Stubs and is limited to 5 packs per player.