6th Inning Boss Reveal!

August 25th, 2021

The 6th Inning Program comes out this Friday with tons of great new content for MLB® THE SHOW™ 21 and three new bosses. But we didn’t want to make you wait too long, so we are revealing the first boss right here, right now!

Power? Check. Speed? Check. When Matt Kemp joined the 30/30 club in 2011, he was virtually unstoppable. For the first time in MLB® THE SHOW™, play as the iconic Milestone Series Matt Kemp as part of the 6th Inning Program.

But there is so much more! We still have two more bosses to reveal, so make sure you follow MLB The Show on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the next boss reveal with the final boss announced Friday before the content goes live.

Don’t forget! Double XP week has started and will run until 11 AM PT on Friday, August 27th. Enjoy XP bonuses for simply playing the game!