Announcing MLB The Show Companion App

August 19th, 2021

We are excited to announce the MLB® THE SHOWTM Companion App for Android and iOS devices with preview access starting today with a public release scheduled for Monday, August 23rd.

This new app will give fans of MLB® THE SHOWTM 21 access to the latest news, The Show Shop, the ability to buy and sell cards in the MLB® THE SHOWTM 21 Community Marketplace and see what your friends are opening via notifications. We know that our fans are busy, and we wanted to give all our fans the ability to stay connected when they don’t have a controller in their hand and now with the MLB® THE SHOWTM Companion App you now can have access to The Show anytime and anywhere.

We can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on the Companion App, but to make sure everything works correctly, we will be having a preview rollout exclusive for Scouting Report subscribers. Each day this week we will be sending out preview access to a new group of Scouting Report subscribers for them to try it out before the public release next week. For those not part of the Scouting Report, you can go sign-up now to get access during the preview.

Head over to the MLB® THE SHOWTM Companion App to learn about all the features and read the FAQ.