Battle Royale 11, New Mini Seasons + Forever Event, Map, & Collections Land Today in MLB® The Show™ 22

January 6th, 2023

Battle Royale 11 (BR11) begins today and it’s your chance to pick up any player items you may have missed from Battle Royales past.

Draft your Diamond Dynasty squad and take on other online players to earn BR Points that unlock rewards, including the BR Rewind Program and BR Rewind Flawless (Choose 1 & Choose 2) packs.

Go 12-0 in BR11, or earn 100 BR Points in the program, to pick up the BR Flawless Choice Pack to choose 1 of 4 rewards from some of the most sought-after player items available in MLB The Show 22.

Mini Seasons

Experience 11 all-new Mini Seasons Mission, including 4 Bonus Missions and 2 Mystery Missions as you work your way towards winning the Championship to add 99 OVR ’22 Finest Willy Adames to your squad.

Forever: Moonshot Event

Select your favorite sluggers and swing for the fences in the Forever: Moonshot Event, available today in MLB The Show 22, to earn up to 25 Event Rewinds packs, as well as plenty of other rewards along the way.

Event Rules:

  • Any Hitters!
  • Common Pitchers
  • 3-Inning Games
  • Difficulty: All-Star
  • Free Entries!

“SDStudio” Conquest Map has Repeatable Mission

Take on the SDStudio Conquest Map to earn the one-time rewards of a Diamond Ballplayer Choice Pack (Goal 1), 20 The Show Packs (Goals 2 & 4), and the Honeycomb Bat Skin (Goal 5), as well as 45,000 XP towards the Forever Featured Program. Then, play it again and again to earn Ballin’ is a Habit 5 Pack Bundles (Goal 3)…Forever!

Forever Featured Program “Signature Randy Johnson” Collection

Collect Signature Randy Johnson to earn 50,000 XP towards the Forever Featured Program.

Forever Featured Program “Polo Grounds” Collection

Earn 20,000 XP towards the Forever Featured Program by collecting Polo Grounds.