Career Tribute Program honors “Waino” and “Miggy” in MLB The Show 23

September 29th, 2023

The Career Tribute Program, available today in MLB The Show 23, pays tribute to the careers of two stars set to retire after this season. Signature Series Adam Wainwright (99 OVR) and Signature Series Miguel Cabrera (99 OVR) are sure to make any Diamond Dynasty squad formidable.

Kick-off your progress in the Career Tribute Program by playing brand-new Moments featuring player items from the program in some of their most unforgettable plays to add Prime Series Dallas Keuchel (97 OVR) and Prime Series Adam Ottavino (97 OVR) to your roster. Complete Missions, including PXP Missions as well Online and Offline Stat Missions to continue along the reward path and earn Prime Series Jean Segura (97 OVR) and Prime Series Kyle Hendricks (97 OVR). 

Take on a Showdown and Conquest Map and advance further to add Prime Series Mark Melancon (97 OVR) and D.J. LeMahieu (97 OVR) to your lineup. Additionally, Optional Event and Career Tribute Pack Collections give you even more ways to earn progress in the Program. Keep making your way along the reward path and Signature Series Adam Wainwright and Signature Series Miguel Cabrera will be the newest additions to your Diamond Dynasty squad in no time.

In addition to all of the amazing player items and other rewards you’ll earn from this Program, you’ll also find the all-new Career Tribute Pack and Choice Pack featuring even more 99 OVR player items.

Career Tribute Program Rewards

  • Signature Series Miguel Cabrera, 1B Detroit Tigers (99 OVR)
  • Signature Series Adam Wainwright, SP St. Louis Cardinals (99 OVR)
  • Prime Series D.J. LeMahieu, New York Yankees (97 OVR)
  • Prime Series Mark Melancon, CP Pittsburgh Pirates (97 OVR)
  • Prime Series Kyle Hendricks, SP Chicago Cubs (97 OVR)
  • Prime Series Jean Segura, 2B Arizona Diamondbacks (97 OVR)
  • Prime Series Adam Ottavino, RP Colorado Rockies (97 OVR)
  • Prime Series Dallas Keuchel, SP Houston Astros (97 OVR)

Career Tribute Choice Pack

Earn 2 Career Tribute Choice Packs in the Program featuring three more Diamond 99 OVR Signature Series player items including:

  • Signature Series Christian Yelich, RF Milwaukee Brewers (99 OVR)
  • Signature Series Matt Carpenter, 3B St. Louis Cardinals (99 OVR)
  • Signature Series Carlos Santana, 1B Cleveland Guardians (99 OVR)

Career Tribute Pack

Earn up to 16 Career Tribute Packs in the Program, and discover even more throughout various Diamond Dynasty modes, to have a chance of earning six more Diamond 99 OVR player items including:

  • Signature Series Paul Goldschmidt, 1B Arizona Diamondbacks (99 OVR)
  • Signature Series Evan Longoria, 3B Tampa Bay Rays (99 OVR)
  • Signature Series Elvis Andrus, SS Texas Rangers (99 OVR)
  • Signature Series Kenley Jansen, CP Los Angeles Dodgers (99 OVR)
  • Prime Series Mike Moustakas, 3B Kansas City Royals (99 OVR)
  • Prime Series Patrick Corbin, SP Arizona Diamondbacks (99 OVR)


Select 5 Diamond batters to lead your Showdown squad, including players earned in the Career Tribute Program, then draft your team and make your way through 7 mini-bosses to face-off against the Showdown Final Boss – Adam Wainwright. Take on “Waino” to earn even more progress in the Program.

Conquest Map

Take turns attacking territories, stealing your opponents’ fans, reinforcing your territories, and moving your fans to control the Career Tribute Program Conquest Map in this strategy-based game mode to earn progress in the Program along with additional rewards including Packs and Stubs.


The Career Tribute event is your chance to earn even more player items, along with Packs, Stubs, and XP, for winning games. Get your mitts on Signature Series Lance Lynn (97 OVR) at 5 wins, Signature Series Xander Bogaerts at 20 wins, and Prime Series Jason Heyward (99 OVR) for 12 wins in one entry (12-1 or 12-0) before double elimination.

Event Rules:

  • Eligible Series:
    • Awards Series
    • Signature Series
    • GR98 Series
    • Prime Series
    • Live Series
  • Eligible Teams:
    • Tigers
    • Cardinals
  • Min Player | 75 OVR
  • Max Player | 99 OVR
  • Max Team | 99 OVR
  • 3-Inning Games
  • Difficulty: All-Star

Ranked 7 Program

Today’s new Ranked 7 Program is your chance to add even more 99 OVR player items to your lineup.

Play solo 1v1, or Co-Op with friends in 2v2 or 3v3, and make your way up the leaderboards to earn XP, Stubs, and Packs, including the World Series Reward Choice Pack featuring Awards Series Nolan Arenado (99 OVR), Future Stars Series Jackson Chourio (99 OVR), and All-Star Game Series Johnny Cueto (99 OVR).

September Topps Now Week 3 Moments

Take the mound as Orion Kerkering when he made his MLB debut in perfect fashion, putting down all three batters he faced in relief or step up to the plate as Luis Arraez when he tallied his 200th hit, becoming the sixth player in Marlins history to accomplish that feat.

Relive these and other Moments in the September Topps Now Moments, available in the September Topps Now Other Program, to earn the following player items:

  • Luis Arraez, 2B Miami Marlins (97 OVR)
  • Alexander Canario, LF Chicago Cubs (97 OVR)
  • Junior Caminero, 3B Tampa Bay Rays (97 OVR)
  • Jackson Rutledge, SP Washington Nationals (95 OVR)
  • Orion Kerkering, RP Philadelphia Phillies (95 OVR)

Diamond Duos Pack 38

Diamond Duos Choice Pack 38 lets you choose 1 Gold or better player item with an increased chance to find the featured Diamond Duos 99 OVR player items: Signature Series Harmon Killebrew (99 OVR) and Prime Series Mark Prior (99 OVR).

Available now in The Show Shop, Diamond Duos Choice Pack 38

Challenge of the Week 27

Play Challenge of the Week 27, available in Quick Play, to earn official gear like bats, balls, and jerseys authentically signed by some of your favorite players. Check out this week’s amazing Challenge of the Week Rewards.

Roster Update – Transactions

With today’s content drop comes another Roster Update focused on Transactions intended to align your MLB The Show 23 rosters with the current MLB rosters.

Roster Updates focusing on Transactions will occur weekly while Roster Updates focusing on Attributes will occur every 3 weeks throughout the season, with the next and Final Attributes Update of the regular season scheduled for next week on Friday, October 6th.