Drive to Diamond pulls into Season 2 in MLB The Show 24

June 7th, 2024
  • XP Rewards of Griffey Jr., Chipper & Halladay! 91 → 95 → 99 OVR 
  • Team Affinity Season 2: Chapter 1 featuring 30 players
  • Roster Update with five new Diamond upgrades!
  • FREE Season 2 Cornerstones Captain Pack & 2x Millionaire Packs
  • Ranked Program: Breakout Mariano Rivera & Incognito Mark “Big Mac!” McGwire
  • Battle Royale Program featuring Vinny Castilla & Mike Mussina
  • Season Awards Program with Nick Castellanos

The Drive to Diamond in MLB The Show 24 pulls into Cooperstown for a trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame to celebrate the start of Season 2. Play new programs, unlock never-before-seen cards, and build your best Diamond Dynasty squad.

Head Start Rewards

Receive Head Start Rewards of packs and XP right away when you log in. If you were playing in Season 1 and completed all five head start goals before June 7th after 12:00 PM PT, you will receive enough XP to earn your first Wild Card slot from the Season 2 XP Reward Path. Then, you can slot in your favorite player from your Season 1 cards to join your new Season 2 squad. 

Note: In order to see the Head Start and Cornerstone Captains Pack, you may need to leave Diamond Dynasty mode, and re-enter for them to appear in your inventory.

FREE Season 2 Cornerstones Captains Choice Pack

Find your FREE Season 2 Cornerstone Captains Pack in your pack inventory, available now, to choose one of four Season 2 Cornerstone Captains to lead your squad.

  • Luis Castillo, SP Seattle Mariners (88 OVR) – Boosts Live Series players
  • Giancarlo Stanton, RF New York Yankees (88 OVR) – Boosts Hitters from the 2010’s decade
  • Corbin Carroll, RF Arizona Diamondbacks (88 OVR) – Boosts Hitters with over 84 Speed
  • Rafael Devers, 3B Boston Red Sox (88 OVR) – Boosts Hitters with under 75 Fielding

There’s so much to do as Season 2 begins. Play new Team Affinity to find your favorite team’s rewards. Build your best squad to take on head-to-head opponents in Ranked or join your friends in a 2V2 or 3V3 Ranked co-Op game.

Double XP Days

You will be earning Double XP all weekend long, starting today and lasting until Monday June 10th at 12:00 PM PT, to give you a fast start in Season 2! From fresh Moments to 3-inning games to 9-inning games, play your way and earn all new XP Path rewards including three versions (99, 95 and 91 OVR) of Hall of Famers Ken Griffey Jr., Roy Halladay, and Chipper Jones! 

Big XP Rewards

We promised there will be ways to earn big XP rewards throughout the start of Season 2. In fact, you can find more than 250,000 XP to unlock right now in Season 2 content and modes. First, the XP Head Start Rewards will grant you 60,000 XP right away if you completed the five goals from Season 1. 

Then you can find more than 200,000 XP scattered throughout Season 2 content: 

  • 66,000 XP Team Affinity Chapter 1
  • 60,000 XP Mini Seasons
  • 54,000 XP Ranked rewards
  • 52,500 XP Battle Royale rewards
  • 37,500 XP Event rewards
  • 10,000 XP Season 2 Set Collection
  • 6,000 XP Season Awards Program Drop 1
  • More to come throughout Season 2!

Team Affinity Season 2: Chapter 1

Season 2 turns the page with Team Affinity Season 2: Chapter 1 (TA S2:C1) available today in MLB The Show 24. Take on all-new Moments, Missions, and more to begin earning Season 2 eligible player items representing each of the 30 MLB clubs.

Try your hand at Moments featuring the Team Affinity Season 2 Bosses from each division in some of their most memorable plays to begin your progress in TA S2: C1. Complete Single player, Multiplayer, and PXP Missions to keep moving along the 6 divisional programs’ reward paths. Play TA S2:C1 Conquest Maps, Extreme Showdown, and March to October to keep earning TA Points towards progression. Exchange S2: C1 Vouchers, earned in Mini-Seasons and a Showdown, along with player items from each of the respective divisions to continue advancing in the TA S2:C1 Programs available today in MLB The Show 24.

TA East, Central, West S2:C1 Conquest Maps

Take on the Team Affinity Season 2 Conquest Maps: TA West, Central, and East – S2:C1 to earn packs and Stubs, as well as 4000 XP per map good towards progress in the Season 2 XP Reward Path.

TA S2:C1 Showdown

Select your Showdown Squad to face off against the Final Showdown Boss – Houston Astros Forrest Whitley to earn 4 Team Affinity Season 2 Vouchers good towards progress in and TA S2:C1 Program.

TA S2:C1 Extreme Showdown

If you’re looking for even more of a challenge, then we’ve got you covered with the Extreme Showdown where you’ll stare down Tampa Bay Rays Ryan Yarbrough as your Final Showdown Boss to earn TA Points towards progress in all 6 divisional programs.

3rd Roster Update – Attributes

The start of Season 2 also brings the third Roster Update focused on Attributes to MLB The Show 24. Today’s update brings 500+ MLB and 200+ MiLB player adjustments focused on upgrades and downgrades of attributes, as well as the following new Diamonds and Golds:

New Diamonds

  • Will Smith (LAD)
  • Marcell Ozuna
  • Matt Strahm
  • Chris Sale
  • Ranger Suarez

New Golds

  • Jake Meyers
  • Alex Verdugo
  • David Fry
  • Mauricio Dubon
  • Brice Turang
  • Ryan Mountcastle
  • Connor Wong
  • Jack Flaherty
  • Robert Suarez
  • Paul Sewald
  • Max Fried
  • Fernando Cruz
  • Yu Darvish
  • Reynaldo Lopez
  • Hunter Greene
  • Griffin Jax
  • Luis Gil
  • Andres Munoz
  • Hunter Harvey

Season 2 Collection

Collect Season 2 Legends and Flashbacks to earn Season 2 eligible player items, including Aroldis Chapman (91 OVR) at 30 collected and Joe Morgan (93 OVR) at 60 collected. Collect 230 to earn the first Season 2 Collection Choice Pack featuring baseball icons in Hall of Fame Series Derek Jeter (99 OVR), Bob Gibson (99 OVR), and Frank Thomas (99 OVR). 

Note: More collection tiers will be added throughout the season, including the other two choice packs of the Collection Bosses, which are not visible as we begin Season 2. Stay tuned as we add those and more rewards. Get your collection going for Season 2 cards!

Season 2 Awards Drop 1 Program

With a new season comes new Season Awards! The Season 2 Awards Drop 1 Program brings a fresh crop of Topps Now & Season Awards Series players and lets you relive their biggest moments from the 2024 season.

Step to the plate as Davis Schneider when he hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 14th inning to clinch the win for the Toronto Blue Jays or as the Mariners 2nd Baseman Ryan Bliss when he earned his first MLB hit during Seattle’s blowout win. Relive these Moments and more in the Season 2 Awards Drop 1 Program.

  • Daniel Schneeman, 2B Cleveland Guardians (86 OVR)
  • Ryan Bliss, 2B Seattle Mariners (86 OVR)
  • Davis Schneider, LF Toronto Blue Jays (86 OVR)
  • Nick Castellanos, RF Philadelphia Phillies (89 OVR)

Season 2 Awards Drop 1 Pack

Available today in the Show Shop, the Season 2 Awards Drop 1 Pack features even more Season Awards and Topps Now Series player items. At a cost of 30,000 Stubs and a 5 pack per account limit, the Season 2 Awards Drop 1 Pack randomly rewards you with one of these players:

  • Clarke Schmidt, SP New York Yankees (90 OVR)
  • Matt Strahm, RP Philadelphia Phillies (90 OVR)
  • Miguel Andujar, LF Oakland Athletics (87 OVR)
  • Anthony Volpe, SS New York Yankees (87 OVR)
  • Ben Brown, SP Chicago Cubs (87 OVR)

Summer Fling Event

Bring your best Season 2 players for some fun in the sun during the Summer Fling Event to add Rookie Series Tejay Antone (85 OVR) at 10 wins and Incognito Series Luis “¡La Pantera!” Robert Jr. at 20 wins to your lineup.

Event Rules:

  • Any Season 2 Players!
  • Max Player | 94 OVR
  • Max Team | 91 OVR
  • 3-Inning Games
  • All-Star Difficulty
  • Free Entries!

Ranked 4 Program – 1st Drop

The all-new Ranked 4 Program – 1st Drop tasks you with completing Solo & Co-Op Ranked Innings and Stat Missions to earn All-Star Series Matt Holliday from the reward path. Simultaneously, increase your rating to reach the World Series division and earn the World Series Reward Choice Pack featuring Breakout Series Mariano Rivera (93 OVR) and Incognito Series Mark “Big Mac!” McGwire (93 OVR).

Be on the lookout for more Missions headed your way in the Ranked 4 Program – 2nd Drop available June 21st.

Battle Royale 4

Draft a 26-player team from a balanced pool of players, then rack up wins against online opponents, while avoiding elimination at 2 losses, to earn rewards in the all-new Battle Royale 4 Program starting today. Go 10-0 or earn 100 BR Points to earn the BR Flawless Rewards Choice Pack and choose between Standout Series Vinny Castilla (91 OVR) and Takashi Okazaki Series Mike Mussina (91 OVR) as the newest addition to your Diamond Dynasty squad.

Dragonfly Conquest Map

Attack territories, steal your opponents’ fans, reinforce your territories, and move your fans to control the Dragonfly Conquest Map for a chance to earn packs and Stubs.

FREE Millionaire Pack (2x)

Don’t forget to grab your two FREE Millionaire Packs from the Show Shop, available today, for a chance to come-up on the highly coveted “Grand Slam” 1 million Stubs Voucher, among other rewards, good towards 1 million Stubs in MLB The Show 24 upon redemption in Exchange Items. Good luck!

Headliners Choice Pack 22

Headliners Choice Pack 22 features 8-time All-Star, World Series Champion, and Baseball Hall of Famer in Breakout Series Eddie Murray (91 OVR). The Headliners Choice Pack 22 can be found in the Show Shop today for 35,000 Stubs and is limited to 3 packs per account.

Fresh Start Choice Pack 2

Choose 1 Diamond player item from one of three tiers (Rare, Mid, and Base) with the Fresh Start Choice Pack 2 available today in MLB The Show 24. The Fresh Start Choice Pack 2 is available in the Show Shop for 40,000 Stubs and is limited to 3 packs per account.


  • Teoscar Hernandez, LF Los Angeles Dodgers (91 OVR)
  • Blake Snell, SP San Francisco Giants (91 OVR)


  • Alex Verdugo, LF New York Yankees (90 OVR)
  • Jordan Montgomery, SP Arizona Diamondbacks (90 OVR)


  • Abraham Toro, 2B Oakland Athletics (87 OVR)
  • James Paxton, SP Los Angeles Dodgers (87 OVR)
  • Kevin Pillar, CF Los Angeles Angels (87 OVR)

Chase Pack 7

Chase Pack 7 features two present-day players for placement in your posse with Incognito Series Trea “Triple Trea!” Turner (92 OVR) and Rookie Series Jhoan Duran (92 OVR).

Every purchase of The Show 50-Pack Bundle includes one Chase Pack 7, and don’t forget there’s a chance to find a Chase Pack in every individual The Show Pack as well. The Chase Pack guarantees 1 Diamond or better player item with a chance to find the featured Chase Pack player items, Incognito Series Trea “Triple Trea!” Turner and Rookie Series Jhoan Duran.

Challenge of the Week 13

Challenge of the Week 13, available in Quick Play, is your chance to earn some ever-valuable Stubs for use in MLB The Show 24.

Developer Insight: Season 1 Captain Ability Adjustments

Season 1’s most frequently used Captains were Byron Buxton and Carlos Santana. While our internal data showed their win rates in Ranked Modes were not excessive, they were used at a much higher rate than any other Captain cards, causing feedback about lineup diversity.

One of the goals of the season transition is to cycle prevalent cards out before they overstay their welcome and make squad building feel more fresh. We’d also like to give new Captains and squads a chance to shine, so we’ve reduced the effect of both Buxton and Santana’s Captain boosts. Their individual card attributes will remain the same, and they (and every other Season 1 Captain!) will still be eligible to be selected as a Wild Card.

We’ve decided to make these decisions now, at the start of the season, to prevent users from making squad building decisions based on Captains under consideration for changes. We hope these boost reductions will make Season 2 feel more distinct from Season 1.

We’ve also been encouraged by the much higher prevalence of Team Captains on squads compared to last year. However, some teams’ Captains have lagged behind the others in both play rate and win rate. The following teams have had both their Captains’ boost requirements lowered to make building a viable team around them easier:

Rays, A’s, Marlins, White Sox, Blue Jays, Padres, Pirates, Diamondbacks, Rockies, and Twins.

We’ll continue monitoring Captain Cards throughout the year and are excited to see your new squads in Season 2!