Drops for All! All Weekend!

October 1st, 2021

For all our fans watching AND broadcasting on Twitch, we are thrilled to announce that we are turning Twitch Drops on for all broadcasters on Twitch this weekend. All broadcasters who have linked their MLB The Show and Twitch Accounts can have a “Drops Enabled” stream this weekend starting on Friday at 12 PM PT and ending on Monday at 3 AM PT.

For fans wanting to earn Twitch Drops by watching a “Drops Enabled” stream this weekend, just follow the instructions on how to link Twitch and MLB The Show Account and head over to the MLB The Show 21 directory on Twitch and check out some streams. Watch for the new timer in the chat module and make sure you click ‘CLAIM’ in your Twitch Inventory screen. The next time you boot up the game*, the Twitch Drop Pack will be in your inventory.

For broadcasters wanting to have a “Drops Enabled” stream this weekend just follow these instructions.

  1. Link your Twitch and MLB The Show account together.
  2. Verify “Drops” are enabled in the Twitch > Settings > Stream
  3. When broadcasting, make sure that your category is set to “MLB The Show 21”.

We didn’t stop there! This year we supercharged Twitch Packs! Packs now have higher odds for Diamonds and Gold! So happy fishing!

It is a big weekend with the MLB season concluding, the first qualifiers for the Fall Circuit begin, and MLB is doing a stream on Sunday to celebrate Game 162! So enjoy Drops this weekend, play some of the 7thInning Program and look forward to more “Drops Enabled” streams in the future by following MLB The Show on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and sign-up for the Scouting Report for the latest news AND don’t forget the September Scouting Report Pack is coming soon!