Gagne, Bench, & The Babe Make A Grand Entrance

November 12th, 2021
9th Inning Bosses Babe Ruth, Johnny Bench, and Eric Gagne

We’ve finally reached the 9th Inning Program! Normally, this would signify that we’re coming up on the end however, in MLB The Show 21, it simply means that we’re getting ready to roll out some of the best content you could ask for to keep making the most out of your time on the field. The 9th Inning Program features brand-new Missions, Moments, Collections, and a Conquest Map all designed to help you earn XP and get your mitts on some of the best Bosses so far in Signature Babe Ruth, Awards Johnny Bench, & Milestone Eric Gagne.

9th Inning Collection – Previous Bosses

Collect 8th Inning Bosses – Milestone Willie Mays, Milestone Chris Sale, and Awards Ernie Banks to earn 50,000 XP towards the 9th Inning Program.

9th Inning Collection – Evolution Players

Earn 20,000 XP towards the 9th Inning Program by collecting the November Daily Moments Evolution player items – Signature Robin Yount & Milestone Mike Scott.

9th Inning Umbrella Conquest Map

When it rains it pours but MLB The Show 21 has got you covered with the 9th Inning Umbrella Conquest Map. Conquer territories, grow your fan base, and defeat your rivals’ strongholds to earn 35,000 XP towards the 9th Inning Program with this all-new Conquest map.

Buster Posey Player Program

Buster Posey Program

After an amazing 12-year career in the majors, Buster Posey has announced his retirement. To honor this 7-time All-Star and 3-time World Series Champion, we’re rolling out the Buster Posey Player Program. Take on Missions and Moments from some of Posey’s career highlights to earn his Finest player item, as well as Stubs and other rewards, that you can then collect to earn 45,000 XP towards the 9th Inning Program.

Twitch Drops All Weekend

We are celebrating the 9th Inning Program & Fall Circuit Qualifier 3 with Drops all weekend! Just link your account and watch your favorite broadcasters, some new broadcasters, and some of those competing in the Fall Circuit Qualifier this weekend. Drops will be on 11:30 AM PT on Friday and ending on Sunday at 1 AM PT.

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