Game Update 13

August 8th, 2022

MLB The Show 22 Game Update 13 

PS4: 1.13 
PS5: 1.013 
Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S: 
Nintendo Switch: 1.13 

Scheduled to deploy: August 9 / 4 AM PT 

Online Head-to-Head 

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a runner to score on a foul ball.  


  • Fixed a freeze that could occur in the pre-game menus.  

Road to the Show

  • Fixed an issue that could display button inputs in the incorrect order when altering/viewing CBP’s Pitch Repertoire in the front-end menus. 

Nintendo Switch 

  • Fixed several freezes that could occur when using the on-screen keyboard in co-op games. 

Stadium Creator 

  • Added 89 new Minor League themed props. You can find them all if you search for “minorleaguekit” in the Stadium Creator Editor.  


  • Frame rate improvements were made to the Field of Dreams stadium.  
  • Fixed an audio issue that could cause a pinch hitter to be announced twice.