Game Update 3

April 13th, 2023

MLB The Show 23

PS4: 1.03 
PS5: 1.003 
Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S: 1.0.62 
Nintendo Switch: 1.03 

Scheduled to deploy: April 14th/ 4 AM PT 


  • The Jackie Robinson Day uniform update is now available within Road to the Show and Franchise. 
  • Fixed an issue where catchers could not pick off while player-locked. 

Diamond Dynasty 

  • Fixed an issue where users would see a “loss” screen prior to starting a game in the playoffs of Mini Seasons.  
  • Fixed an issue where an NLB player’s card would remain on screen during an at-bat. 

Online Head-to-Head 

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur in Online Play. 


  • Fixed a freeze that could occur while making defensive adjustments.  
  • Fixed an additional issue where bullpen displays could remain on screen. 

Road to the Show 

  • Fixed an issue in Custom Practice where pitches would not go to the selected location. 

March To October and Franchise 

  • Fixed an issue that would display incorrect amateur players when scrolling on the Scouting Big Board. 
  • Fixed an issue where user was taken to the Created Stadiums section when selecting a stadium to play for the Futures game in Franchise.  
  • Fixed a visual bug that could display the wrong hot/cold momentum in March to October. 


  • Various player emotion animations will now display correctly. 
  • Various UI adjustments. 
  • Various commentary updates and adjustments. 
  • Added player numbers to helmets for New York Yankees uniforms. 
  • Resized the jumbotron at Citi Field. 

Developer Notes

Gameplay Balance Change – Pitch Accuracy Tuning 

We’ve heard the frustrations regarding pitching and perfect inputs not feeling as rewarding as we’d like, so we’ve made the following adjustments: 

  • Reduced frequency of pitches landing directly on the edge of the Perfect Accuracy Region (PAR). This benefits all pitching interfaces. 
  • Cleaned up some of the known instances where pitches could land outside of the Perfect Accuracy Region (PAR). 
  • Artwork tuning where the Perfect Accuracy Region (PAR) was not displaying at the true size on occasion. 
  • Removed the Perfect Accuracy Region (PAR) display post-pitch while slidestepping, as there is an accuracy penalty that is not accounted for within the initial PAR. 

It’s important to note that the core benefit of using Pinpoint Pitching above other interfaces is that it generates the smallest PAR, not necessarily that it is the most accurate within that PAR. However, these changes will help improve pitching accuracy across the board for all pitching interfaces, and we anticipate these changes will be most prevalent within Pinpoint Pitching. 

We want pitching to feel more rewarding, and these changes will lead to an improved experience with all pitching interfaces.  

Thank you for the clips, examples, and communication. We will continue monitoring the status through streams, telemetry, and playtesting as this Game Update goes live. 

Live Content Balance Change – Lowered Player Requirements for Live Series Captains 

Live Series Captains serve an important role in the Diamond Dynasty landscape, providing incentive for completing collections, enabling easily accessible theme teams, and adding utility to Live Series cards.  

We’ve found these captains aren’t being used as frequently as we’d like, even in theme teams, so we’ve lowered the squad building requirements for each tier of every Live Series Captain by one.  

For example, previous Captains would need 5 players for their Tier 1 Boost; now they only need 4. We hope this will increase the utility of these Captains and make Live Series cards more viable in Ranked play. 

We will continue to monitor and balance captain cards in a similar fashion throughout the year.