How to prepare for Season 3 in MLB® The Show™ 23

July 3rd, 2023

Season 3 in MLB The Show 23 is quickly headed your way and it will bring all-new content and rewards for you to enjoy. Along with these additions to the game, there will be some changes that are new to the MLB The Show series and we wanted to take a moment to discuss these new additions.

What changes are coming to MLB The Show 23 in Season 3?

In an effort to keep squads fierce and competition fresh, MLB The Show 23 introduced Diamond Dynasty Seasons. With each Season, a new set of player items are released. In-Season cards include the newest Set, the previous Season’s Set, and all Core Set player items. As an example, Season 1 introduced Set 1 and Season 2 introduced Set 2. Up to this point, the Seasons allowed for all of the player items (Set 1, Set 2, & Core) to be eligible for use. Some of that is about to change in Season 3.

When Season 3 goes live on July 7th and Set 3 is introduced, Set 1 cards will become ineligible for use in some Diamond Dynasty modes including Solo Ranked as well as some Events, Mini Season Challenges, and Conquest Maps with specific criteria limitations. When entering into a mode with these limitations, you will be notified if your current squad is ineligible and you will be given the option to manually adjust your squad.

Tip: In the Manage Squad screen, click the gear icon to “Generate Best S3 Squad”.

Not to worry though, there are still plenty of ways to play using your Set 1 player items including Co-Op Ranked (2-vs-2 and 3-vs-3) as well as some Events, Mini Season Challenges, and Conquest Maps that do not impose Set 1 restrictions.

In addition, all the Core player items will continue to be eligible in all Diamond Dynasty modes. With this in mind, now is the time to finish up any Programs or Collections rewarding desirable Set 1 and Core player items before the new Set 3 player items become available.

Note: The Core Set includes Live Series Players, The Negro League Storyline Rewards, Live Series Collection Rewards, and a few more.

What will happen to my Set 1 player items when Season 3 goes live?

All of your Set 1 player items will remain in your possession when Season 3 goes live, although these Set 1 player items will be largely ineligible for use in Season 3 except for in some specific instances where Set 1 restrictions are not imposed as well as in the new “Wild Card” player slot.

Note: All Sets will become eligible in Solo Ranked lineups again in Season 6, so keep this in mind when deciding which cards to hang on to.

What is the “Wild Card” player slot?

The Wild Card player slot allows you to add any player item from any set to your Season eligible squad. In this way, you can continue to use your Set 1 player items, on a limited basis, in Seasons when those player items would not be normally considered Season eligible. You can only utilize 1 player item at a time in your Wild Card player slot, however, you can change your Wild Card at any time. When you choose to overwrite a Wild Card, the previous Wild Card is replaced with your best eligible card for that position automatically.

To add a player to your Wild Card spot:

  1. Go to the Manage Squad screen
  2. Select the player you want to replace
  3. Press R2/RT/ZR to view your Wild Cards
  4. Select any out-of-season player.
  5. Select Activate as Wild Card

Note: If you already have a Wild Card player on your team, that player will automatically be replaced by your best eligible player.

How will Season 3 impact Team Affinity and Other Programs?

Team Affinity and Other Programs will be affected in much the same way as the rest of the Diamond Dynasty modes when Season 3 goes live. Team Affinity Seasons will only allow Season eligible player items to be utilized towards Team Affinity Program progression. For instance, only Season 3 eligible player items will give progress in TA3 Programs, only Season 2 eligible player items will give progress in TA2 Programs, and only Season 1 eligible player items will give progress in TA1 Programs.

With regards to Other Programs, similar limitations will apply. Only Other Programs utilizing Season 3 eligible player items will give progress towards the Season 3 XP Program Reward Path.

We’re sure you’ll have plenty of questions when Season 3 drops in MLB The Show 23 and we encourage you to be a part of the conversation by visiting the MLB The Show 23 community forums, and following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.