Mexico City Series Program Brings “El Calor” in MLB® The Show™ 23

April 28th, 2023

The Mexico City Series Program, available in Other Programs, features players from Mexico and of Mexican heritage, as well as San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants players that will be playing in the 2023 MLB Mexico City Series.

Play new Moments, a Showdown, a Conquest Map, and complete Missions to earn all 16 player item rewards, as well as Packs and Stubs along the way, in the Mexico City Series Program.

Mexico City Series Program Rewards:

  • Alejandro Kirk, C Toronto Blue Jays (92 OVR)
  • Andres Munoz, RP Seattle Mariners (92 OVR)
  • Gerardo Reyes, RP Los Angeles Angels (86 OVR)
  • Javier Assad, SP Chicago Cubs (87 OVR)
  • Jarren Duran, CF Boston Red Sox (87 OVR)
  • Alan Trejo, SS Colorado Rockies (88 OVR)
  • Luis Cessa, RP Cincinnati Reds (88 OVR)
  • Austin Barnes, C Los Angeles Dodgers (90 OVR)
  • Alek Thomas, CF Arizona Diamondbacks (90 OVR)
  • Jose Urquidy, SP Houston Astros (91 OVR)
  • Giovanny Gallegos, RP St. Louis Cardinals (91 OVR)
  • Isaac Paredes, 3B Tampa Bay Rays (94 OVR)
  • Tyler Rogers, RP San Francisco Giants (92 OVR)
  • Nick Martinez, SP San Diego Padres (93 OVR)
  • Michael Conforto, RF San Francisco Giants (94 OVR)
  • Trent Grisham, CF San Diego Padres (94 OVR)

Developer note: All player rewards are part of the Core set to ensure you can make a special theme team using the Captains boosting players from Mexico. 

Mexico City Series Moments

Take on 16 Moments featuring players from the Mexico City Series Program including Andres Munoz, Alejandro Kirk, Trent Grisham, and more to earn up to 48 Program Stars (3 Program Stars per Moment) towards the Program.

Mexico City Series Showdown

Face-off against San Diego Padres Nick Martinez in the Mexico City Series Showdown to earn progress in the Program.

Mexico City Series Conquest Map

Try your hand at the Mexico City Series Conquest Map to earn mucho, mucho Packs and Stubs in MLB The Show 23.

April Topps Now – Week 4 Moments

Play this week’s new April Topps Now Moments to relive Kerry Carpenter’s recent game winning walk-off home run or re-create Brent Headrick’s MLB debut as he tallied his first save on the mound.

Try these, and other Moments, in the April Topps Now – Week 4 Moments and Missions, available in Other Programs, to earn the following player item rewards:

  • Brent Headrick, CP Minnesota Twins (90 OVR)
  • Adam Frazier, 2B Baltimore Orioles (90 OVR)
  • Mason Miller, SP Oakland Athletics (90 OVR)
  • Jordan Diaz, 2B Oakland Athletics (91 OVR)
  • Enmanuel Valdez, 2B Boston Red Sox (92 OVR)
  • Julio Rodriguez, CF Seattle Mariners (93 OVR)
  • Kerry Carpenter, RF Detroit Tigers (94 OVR)
  • Brandon Nimmo, CF New York Mets (95 OVR)
  • Drew Smyly, SP Chicago Cubs (95 OVR)

Challenge of the Week 5

Challenge of the Week lets you earn official gear like bats, balls, and jerseys authentically signed by some of your favorite players. Check out this week’s amazing Challenge of the Week Rewards.

MLB All-Star Game Choice Pack 1

If you’re looking to add some All-Stars to your roster, then the MLB All-Star Game Choice Pack 1 is your chance.This brand-new pack features superstar players from All-Star Games past.

The MLB All-Star Game Choice Pack 1 has two tiers of possible rewards: Rare (99 OVR) & Base (95 – 97 OVR). Open the pack to see which round you get, and then choose 1 Diamond player. Cost is 50,000 Stubs and limited to 3 packs per user.


  • Jason Giambi, 1B New York Yankees (97 OVR)
  • Michael Pineda, SP Seattle Mariners (97 OVR)
  • Jimmy Rollins, SS Philadelphia Phillies (97 OVR)
  • Sean Doolittle, CP Oakland Athletics (97 OVR)
  • Jason Kendall, C Pittsburgh Pirates (97 OVR)


  • Cal Ripken Jr., 3B Baltimore Orioles (99 OVR)
  • Dave Parker, RF Pittsburgh Pirates (99 OVR)
  • Juan Marichal, SP San Francisco Giants (99 OVR)

Look for the All-Star Game pack during the April 28th Flash Sales and on-sale starting at 4 p.m. PT.

Diamond Duos Choice Pack 11 

Diamond Duos Choice Pack 11 lets you choose 1 Gold or better player item with a highly increased chance to find the featured Diamond Duos players: All-Star Game Series Willie McCovey (99 OVR) and All-Star Game Series Don Sutton (99 OVR). Available now in The Show Shop, Diamond Duos Choice Pack 11 costs 40,000 Stubs and is limited to 1 pack per user.

Roster Update – Transactions

Today’s content drop brings a Roster Update focused on Transactions intended to align your MLB The Show 23 rosters with the current MLB rosters.

Roster Updates focusing on Transactions will occur weekly while Roster Updates focusing on Attributes will occur every 3 weeks throughout the season, with the next Attributes Update currently scheduled for Friday, May 12th.