MLB® The Show™ 23 is flying high with the inclusion of the Baltimore Orioles Nike City Connect Uniform

May 26th, 2023

At first glance the new Baltimore Orioles Nike City Connect uniform might not seem like that much of a departure from their standard fare but look closely and you’ll find a uniform uniquely developed as a representation of the team and the city of Baltimore. A first for any team’s uniform, the “O’s” designed the inside edges of their new uniform to reflect the myriad of colorful neighborhoods that make up the city. From the distressed “Baltimore” text across the chest, representing the grit of all Baltimoreans, to the road uniform script “B” logo found on the hat, these new uniforms reflect the “O’s” and the communities that they epitomize.

Play the Baltimore Orioles City Connect Conquest Map to get your mitts on this new uniform item, as well as the Universal Profile Icon, Banner, and Bat Skin, for use in MLB The Show 23.