MLB® The Show™ 23 Jackie Robinson Day Celebration!

April 14th, 2023

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in Major League Baseball during the modern era. A true trailblazer in many areas including sports, media, and the civil rights movement.  

Jackie stood for: class, the love of the game and of course, equality. He was a powerful force of positive change, that changed the landscape of sports and the world today.   

As has been tradition each season since 2004, MLB will celebrate the anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s historic MLB debut as he broke baseball’s color barrier throughout the league on April 15th 1947.  

In partnership with the Jackie Robinson Foundation, Sony Interactive Entertainment, The Players Association and Major League Baseball.  

From April 14th 2023 through April 29th only on US digital platform stores (PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Nintendo E Shop) where MLB The Show is sold. You can purchase the Jackie Robinson Foundation Charity Pack ($4.99 USD). PlayStation and San Diego Studio will donate 100% of the proceeds* from this pack after store platform fee deductions are applied to the Jackie Robinson Foundation. These donations will continue to support the JRF/PlayStation-MLB The Show Scholars Program to help reduce the achievement gap in higher education. 

Visit to learn more about the foundation.   

Your purchase of the Jackie Robinson Foundation Charity Pack grants you: 5,000 Stubs™, Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) bat skins, Jackie Robinson Day profile icon and a Jackie Robinson profile banner icon for use in MLB® The Show™ 23.

Jackie Robinson played a pivotal role in societal change as a champion of racial equality and social justice. In turn, the Jackie Robinson Foundation continues that legacy as one of the best scholarship and leadership development programs for students from underrepresented groups for the past 50 years.  

We’re now in our third year of this groundbreaking partnership with the Jackie Robinson Foundation. We’d like to introduce you to our first cohort of JRF/PlayStation MLB The Show Scholars. Kevin Evans, Asim Arnold, Dominic Bruce-Moore, Collin Jones, Lance Rodgers, and Daisha Lafford.  

Exposure and the lack of career readiness programming to the industry is one of the biggest hurdles facing underrepresented talent seeking to join the gaming industry. It’s why our partnership with the Jackie Robinson Foundation is so important. 

We want to realize the power of education and career opportunities, allow for better economic equality and equity. Bringing more diversity into our communities, our products, and our games. We couldn’t be happier to continue our partnership with the JRF and Jackie’s family as we strive to achieve these goals.  

In addition, anyone with MLB The Show 23 and an internet connection can play the Jackie Robinson’s Storyline which sheds more light on Jackie’s illustrious career that started with the Kansas City Monarchs. Upon completion of Jackie’s Storyline you unlock his Sanford Green Card.  

We’ll also be super charging the Sanford Greene Jackie Robinson card to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day.  

*PlayStation will donate 100% of the proceeds (minimum of $3.49 USD per pack) to (See console’s online stores for details) the JRF Foundation after store platform fee deductions are applied. This purchase is not tax deductible. 

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