MLB The Show 24 Full Launch Begins Today!

March 19th, 2024

MLB ® The Show™ 24 launches in full today (March 19th, 2024), allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy the most amazing baseball gaming experience available anywhere. From all-new Programs, Packs, and Player Items, to Battle Royales, Rewards, and Ranked Seasons, and everything in-between, MLB The Show 24 brings all the excitement you’ve come to know and love to a console near you.

In addition to all of the great content available at the onset of Early Access, read about Early Access content here, there’s even more for you to enjoy starting today including…

FREE Seoul Series Ha-Seong Kim

In celebration of the MLB World Tour Seoul Series 2024, MLB The Show is offering a FREE Seoul Series Ha-Seong Kim (87 OVR) player item for you to add this 2023 Gold Glove Award winner to you Diamond Dynasty squad. Head over to The Show Shop and Redeem your FREE Seoul Series Ha-Seong Kim today (limit 1 per player).

Spring Breakout 2024 Choice Pack 2

The Spring Breakout Choice Pack 2 contains 8 of the top MLB prospects featured during the MLB Spring Breakout 2024. The Spring Breakout Choice Pack 2 lets you choose 1 Diamond player item from one of two tiers: Rare (90 OVR) and Base (87 OVR). Available in the Show Shop today, the Spring Breakout Choice Pack 2 costs 40,000 Stubs and is limited to 3 packs per player.

Rare Round:

  • Cam Collier, 3B Cincinnati Reds(90 OVR)
  • Jordan Lawlar, SS Arizona Diamondbacks (90 OVR)
  • Tink Hence, SP St. Louis Cardinals (90 OVR)

Base Round:

  • Thomas White, SP Miami Marlins (87 OVR)
  • Drew Romo, C Colorado Rockies (87 OVR)
  • Brandon Sproat, SP New York Mets (87 OVR)
  • T.J. White, 1B Washington Nationals (87 OVR)
  • Addison Barger, RF Toronto Blue Jays (87 OVR)

Headliners Choice Pack 2

The Headliners Choice Pack 2 lets you choose 1 Gold or better player item with a highly increased chance to find the featured headliner player. Headliners Choice Pack 2 features 7-time All-Star and Texas Ranger Hall of Famer – Standout Series Michael Young (91 OVR). The Headliners Choice Pack 2 costs 35,000 Stubs, is limited to 3 packs per player, and can be found in the Show Shop today.

Spring Showers Conquest Map

Take turns attacking territories, stealing your opponents’ fans, reinforcing your territories, and moving your fans to take control in the Spring Showers Conquest Map to earn a bounty of rewards including XP, Stubs, and Packs.

With so much to experience, MLB The Show 24 is your destination to live out your ultimate baseball fantasy on Launch Day. 

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*Internet connection required to redeem rewards and play Diamond Dynasty mode.