MLB The Show 24: Game Update 14

July 2nd, 2024

PS4: 1.14 
PS5: 1.014 
Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S: 1.0.98 
Nintendo Switch: 1.14 

Scheduled to deploy: July 3rd/4 AM PT 


  • Los Angeles Dodgers 2024 City Connect uniforms will now show a “0” before single digit numbers. 

Diamond Dynasty: 

  • Fixed three bugs that would cause the UI to display an incorrect amount of available Wild Card slots. 

Custom Leagues: 

  • Fixed a bug where teams matching up would always be shown 1st in standings. 
  • Uniforms will now display correctly on the uniform selection screen. 


  • Various freeze fixes and stability improvements. 

Stadium Creator: 

  • Added 60 new props as part of the Turn of the Century kit. 


  • Fixed a bug that would cause a softlock after backing out when saving a custom team. 

Developer Notes 

  • There are no gameplay or live content balance changes in this update.