MLB The Show 24: Game Update 8

May 8th, 2024

PS4: 1.08 
PS5: 1.008 
Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S: 
Nintendo Switch: 1.08 

Scheduled to deploy: May 9th/4 AM PT 


  • Detroit Tigers City Connect uniform has been added. 

Online Head-to-Head 

  • Fixed an issue where a few players would tip their pitches. 
  • Online stability improvements for 1v1 and Co-Op. 


  • Rule 5 eligible players on user-controlled team(s) will now be selected for Rule 5 Draft if not protected when setting a 40-man roster. Player cards will reflect Rule 5 draft eligibility. 

Stadium Creator: 

  • Fixed a bug that allowed incorrect placement of the batter’s eye on the field. 
  • Various bug fixes to Future City stadium props.  


  • Derek Jeter Storylines side missions will now grant the proper rewards.

Custom Leagues: 

  • Fixed a bug that would cause an invalid roster error when attempting to randomize a winner. 
  • Team stats will now display correctly after completing a game. 


  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Jackie Robinson socks from changing after switching pant styles. 
  • Various audio and presentation bug fixes and adjustments.

Developer Notes 

  • There are no gameplay or live content balance changes in this update.