“Mr. Cub” takes the field in MLB® The Show™ 22’s Chase Pack Set 4

August 30th, 2022

The all-new Chase Pack Set 4 featuring “Mr. Cub” himself, Prime Ernie Banks, is available now in MLB The Show 22. Regarded by many as one of the greatest players of all time, Banks began his career in 1950 in the Negro Leagues. By 1953 he became the first black player on the Chicago Cubs. He would go on to become one of the Cubs main attractions throughout the 1950’s, earning the National League’s MVP award in 1958 and 1959, and became the Cubs first Gold Glove award recipient in 1960.

The Chase Pack Set 4 guarantees 1 Gold or better player item with a chance to find the featured player item, Prime Ernie Banks. A Chase Pack Set 4 is guaranteed in The Show 50-Pack Bundle, with every individual The Show Pack maintaining a chance to drop a Chase Pack as well.

Headliners Packs – Set 42

Headliners Packs – Set 42 features the New York Mets top prospect, Future Stars Francisco Alvarez.

  • The Headliners Pack – Set 42 has 1:10 odds of pulling a Diamond. This pack is available in The Show Shop for 7,500 Stubs and is limited to 5 packs per player.
  • The Headliners Choice Pack – Set 42 has 1:3 odds of pulling a Diamond. This choice pack is available in The Show Shop for 25,000 Stubs and is limited to 1 pack per player.

*The Headliners Pack and the Headliners Choice pack Diamond odds have a chance to include the featured Diamond player item; however, that chance does not guarantee that the featured Diamond player item will drop from either pack.