New improvements to Gameplay in MLB The Show 24

February 27th, 2024

As we gear up for the launch of MLB The Show ‘24, fans can look forward to several exciting updates and improvements that will enhance your gameplay experience and elevate the head-to-head competition. The MLB The Show gameplay team have been working hard to provide an immersive baseball experience and are excited to discuss what’s new, so let’s dive in. 

What’s New with Gameplay?  

Every year, as we strive to deliver the best possible gaming experience for our players, we integrate new features while refining and improving our existing systems. This year, we’ve introduced around 400 new animations and logic improvements, meticulously addressing any remaining areas needing attention, particularly focusing on fielder urgency. Animations are fine-tuned to ensure seamless integration into every conceivable situation, from routine plays, to relays off the wall, to high-pressure moments like rundowns and run saving double plays to end an inning. By prioritizing smarter AI and efficient animations, we strive to elevate the realism and strategic depth of defensive gameplay.  

  • New Animations: Roughly 400 new animations and logic improvements meticulously address any remaining areas needing attention focusing on fielder urgency. 
  • New Throws: Added a variety of new 1B throws from the ground to all bases, that enable 1B to efficiently make throws from all overstretch scenarios. 
  • Pitcher Animations: To combat the new disengagement rule, additional animations will allow pitchers to step off to fake throw and potentially nab the runner trying to take advantage of the third disengagement. 
  • Base Sizes: Fans will also notice the new base sizes in ’24, and of course we’ve captured new logic and tag animations to account for the extra coverage needed. 

(gameplay example of the 1B throw from overstretching)

Our mission is to offer you total control of the players on the field and provide the opportunity to make every play based on the players attributes and tendencies. 

These improvements to existing features, along with the game and interface balancing, are the backbone of yearly updates for our team. Our goal is to continue to create the most realistic baseball experience, along with empowering players with total control over on-field actions, ultimately making sure “players skill” and “team creation” are the determining factors.  

Our dedication to continuous improvement extends beyond the game’s mechanics. We carefully analyze feedback received year over year, identifying areas for refinement, as well as any significant pain points, like the PAR mechanic while pitching for example. PAR, for those joining us for the first time, stands for “Perfect Accuracy Region” and provides you with all the necessary information on the exact location for a perfectly executed pitch. Breaking pitches, such as a 12-6 curveball, will always land within the perfect region and will no longer just touch the PAR but will have a portion of the baseball inside.  

Another interface that saw changes and improvements was Pinpoint Pitching. Four new pitching gestures have been included, bringing the number up to 14. We’ve also made some additional changes to the sinker, which is now more difficult to execute based on community feedback. As a result of these new implementations, user skill will continue to be of the utmost importance. You can see the new additions below, along with just how challenging some of them can be due to doubling back over themselves. Additionally, you’ll now also get to experience Pinpoint from the lefty’s perspective as all the gestures are flipped when throwing from that side. 

We’ve covered defensive fielding and pitching, but we know some of you are curious about improvements made to hitting as well. We received very positive feedback around most aspects of gameplay throughout the course of MLB The Show 23, and we agree that hitting is in a great place at the moment. In order to carry that momentum forward into MLB The Show 24, hitting balance remains largely unchanged. 

Each yearly update represents a culmination of our ongoing commitment to bring the best gameplay experience to our fans. By iteratively refining gameplay mechanics, enhancing realism, and incorporating user feedback, we aim to create an experience that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our players. It’s through this dedication to innovation and improvement that we strive to continue to build a game that brings the excitement of baseball to you, the fans. 

Stay tuned on for information on all the changes coming to Diamond Dynasty on Thursday, February 29th.