New Legend Jason Bay in the 2nd Inning Program

May 7th, 2021

2nd Inning Bosses

The 2nd Inning Program is live and brings a bevy of new missions, moments and collections for you to earn rewards. Get ready to face-off against the new 2nd Inning Bosses as Jason Bay, Lee Smith and Don Mattingly take the field in MLB The Show 21. You will need to earn 350,000 XP in the 2nd Inning Program for a chance to earn these Bosses and then add them to your lineup. Remember, programs are only available for a limited time! Complete the 2nd Inning Program prior to June 4 when this Featured Program ends.

2nd Inning Conquest Map

Okay, things are getting very weird around here… like out of this world weird! Go play the 2nd Inning Martian Conquest map. Conquer territories to grow your fanbase and defeat your rival teams for a chance to earn unique rewards and discover hidden rewards.

Welcome to the Show Event: Part 3

Take part in the Welcome to the Show: Part 3 event for a chance to earn Diamond 85 OVR John Smoltz and Diamond 92 OVR Miguel Cabrera along with numerous other event rewards.

Event Rules:

  • Legends & Flashbacks Outfield
  • Live Series Infield & Pitchers
  • Or Common Players
  • Max Team – 92 OVR
  • 6-Inning Games
  • Quick Counts: ON
  • Difficulty: All-Star

Headliners Set 6 featuring Postseason Adam Wainwright

Get ready for a visit from Uncle Charlie as Postseason Adam Wainwright (closing pitcher) debuts in the Headliners Set 6 Pack. Similar to previous Headliner Packs, this pack contains 1:10 odds of pulling a Diamond. Although, that Diamond is not guaranteed to be the featured Postseason Adam Wainwright player item. The Headliners Set 6 Pack is available now in The Show Shop for 7,500 Stubs and is limited to 5 packs per player.

Mother’s Day Conquest Map & Bat Skin

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 9, we wanted to do something special for all the Mothers out there (largely for putting up with us) so we will be rolling out a special Mother’s Day Conquest Map at 12 p.m. PT. Complete the goals to earn the exclusive Mother’s Day bat skin so that you can show momma some love as you knock ’em out of the park.

Roster Update

Today’s Roster Update aligns your MLB The Show 21’s rosters with the current MLB rosters. Roster Transactions will happen weekly through the season, with Roster Attribute Updates occurring every other week.