Season 5 brings the “Finest” of Content to MLB The Show 23

November 3rd, 2023

Starting today, Season 5 is live in MLB The Show 23. Enjoy brand-new content and rewards found across all of your favorite modes. Play Team Affinity 5 and the Ranked 8 Program, try your hand at the American League and National League Showdowns and Conquest Maps, and complete the Core and Set 5 Collections, just to name a few, to earn some of the “Finest” 99 Diamond player items you’ve ever seen.

Check out all the spots where you can find 99 OVR player items, including those in the all-new 2023 Finest Series, throughout Diamond Dynasty Season 5 content:

  • Season 5 XP Reward Path (earn 3 of 5)
  • Team Affinity 5 Programs (30)
  • Team Affinity 5 Collection (5)
  • Set 5 Collection (7)
  • Core Collection (1)
  • Ranked 8 Program (3)
  • Finest Frenzy Event (2)
  • Chase Pack 9 (1)
  • 2023 Finest Choice Pack (5)

2023 Finest Series

The 2023 Finest Series features the “Finest” players from around the league. Recognized as some of the best players of the 2023 season, the 2023 Finest Series brings these players to MLB The Show 23 in all of their glory.

2023 Finest Choice Pack

The 2023 Finest Choice Pack lets you choose 1 Diamond player item from one of two tiers, Base and Rare, to get your mitts on even more of those oh-so-sweet 2023 Finest Series player items.

The 2023 Finest Choice Pack is available today in the Show Show for 40,000 stubs and is limited to 3 per user.

Rare Round:

  • 2023 Finest Series Francisco Alvarez (99 OVR)
  • 2023 Finest Series Devin Williams (99 OVR)

Base Round:

  • 2023 Finest Series George Kirby (99 OVR)
  • 2023 Finest Series Evan Phillips (99 OVR)
  • 2023 Finest Series Jake Burger (99 OVR)

Team Affinity Season 5

Team Affinity 5 is filled to the brim with 99 Diamonds including Retro Finest and 2023 Finest Series player items representing all 30 clubs.

Earn progress in the Team Affinity 5 Programs by completing TA5 tasks. Take on 30 Moments, one for each of the TA5 Bosses, and complete Missions for Captains, Retro Finest, and Bosses that you’ll earn as you play through each program. Take on the AL and NL Showdowns and Conquest maps, or Exchange player items to earn additional progress. Try your hand at the Team Affinity 5 Mini Seasons challenge to earn TA5 progress vouchers for every 5 wins.


Select 6 Team Affinity 5 Diamond batters per Showdown from the AL or the NL to lead your squads, then draft your teams and make your way to final bosses Felix Bautista and David Bednar in the American League and National League Showdowns, respectively. 

Completing the AL Showdown will grant Team Affinity points for progress towards the AL Team Affinity Programs, and completing the NL Showdown will grant Team Affinty points for progress towards the NL Team Affinity Programs.

Conquest Maps

Complete the Team Affinity Season 5 AL and NL Conquest Maps to earn additional progress in Team Affinity 5 AL and NL Division Programs, as well as Packs, Stubs, and more rewards by attacking territories, stealing your opponents’ fans, reinforcing your territories, and moving your fans to control the maps in this strategy-based game mode.

Mini Seasons Challenge: Team Affinity 5

Build a squad of 2023 Finest Series players, Captains, Live Series and Retro Finest Series players to take on the Global Baseball League in 28 regular season, 3 inning games. For every 5 wins, earn a Mini Seasons Team Affinity 5 Voucher Pack containing a Voucher good towards progression in any Team Affinity 5 Program. Complete additional Stats Missions to earn XP, Stubs, and Packs, then go on to win the Championship to earn the Championship Bundle which includes 3 more Vouchers.


The Finest Frenzy Event is your opportunity to add even more 2023 Finest Series players to your Diamond Dynasty squad. Earn 2023 Finest Series Tyler Rogers (97 OVR) at 5 wins, 2023 Finest Series Jose Ramirez (99 OVR) at 20 wins, and 2023 Finest Series Kodai Senga (99 OVR) for earning 12 wins in one entry (12-1 or 12-0) before double elimination.

Event Rules:

  • Eligible Series/Lineups:
    • 2023 Finest Series
    • Finest Series
    • Captain Series
    • Live Series
  • Max Team | 99 OVR
  • Min Player | 65 OVR

Ranked 8 Program

The Ranked 8 Program starts today, and it’s your chance to earn even more 2023 Finest Series player items.

Play solo 1v1, or Co-Op with friends in 2v2 or 3v3, and make your way up the leaderboards to earn XP, Stubs, and Packs, as well as the World Series Reward Choice Pack featuring 2023 Finest Series Josh Lowe (99 OVR), Blake Snell (99 OVR), and Dansby Swanson (99 OVR).

Chase Pack 9

Chase Pack 9 features 5-time World Series Champion and 2-time World Series MVP, Mr. October himself – Awards Series Reggie Jackson.

Every purchase of The Show 50-Pack Bundle includes one Chase Pack 9, and don’t forget there’s a chance to find the Chase Pack in every individual The Show Pack as well. The Chase Pack guarantees 1 Diamond or better player item with a chance to find the featured Chase Pack player item, Awards Series Reggie Jackson.

As an extra bonus, every The Show Pack also has a rare chance to drop Future Stars Oneil Cruz (99 OVR) so be sure to keep an eye out.

Core Collection

Continue collecting Core Legends and Flashbacks to add 2023 Finest Series Ozzie Albies to your lineup at 250 collected player items.

Set 5 Collection

Collect Set 5 Legends and Flashbacks to earn the Set 5 Collection Choice Pack featuring 2023 Finest Series Bo Bichette (99 OVR), William Contreras (99 OVR), and Shohei Ohtani (99 OVR) along with other notable 99s along the way in the Set 5 Collection.

  • Collect 170: Set 5 Collection Choice Pack
  • Collect 160: Chase Pack Season 5
  • Collect 150: Finest Series Tim Raines (99 OVR)
  • Collect 140: Set 5 Collection Choice Pack
  • Collect 120: 2023 Finest Series Isaac Paredes (99 OVR)
  • Collect 100: Set 5 Collection Choice Pack
  • Collect 75: Finest Series J.R. Richard (99 OVR)
  • Collect 50: 2023 Finest Series Tanner Scott (99 OVR)

Team Affinity 5 Collection

Earn 2023 Finest Series Cody Bellinger (99 OVR), Gleyber Torres (99 OVR), and Bryan Reynolds (99 OVR), just to name a few, by collecting Set 5 Team Affinity Legends and Flashbacks in the Team Affinity Set 5 Collection.

  • Collect 90: 2023 Finest Series Cody Bellinger (99 OVR)
  • Collect 75: 2023 Finest Series Gleyber Torres (99 OVR)
  • Collect 60: 2023 Finest Series Bryan Reynolds (99 OVR)
  • Collect 40: 2023 Finest Series Emmanuel Clase (99 OVR)
  • Collect 20: 2023 Finest Series Pete Alonso (99 OVR)

Challenge of the Week 32

Take on Challenge of the Week 32, available in Quick Play, to earn official gear like bats, balls, and jerseys authentically signed by some of your favorite players.