Team Affinity 4 – 2020 Finest Series

November 6th, 2020

The Finest Arrive

The fourth annual Finest series of players is here! We celebrate the 2020 MLB season by honoring players from every club with nearly 50 Flashbacks. Let’s start breaking down where to find the Finest in MLB The Show 20.

Finest Players Overview

  • Earn 30 new 2020 Finest Series players (one for each MLB Team) in Team Affinity Stage 4.
  • Earn 17 new 2020 Finest Series players in Finest choice packs in Team Affinity and Conquest team maps.
  • All 2020 Finest Series player items are listed in the Community Market to be bought or sold.
  • Each of the 30 Finest Series player items from Team Affinity Stage 4 has a Prestige Program to add +3 attribute boosts.
  • Earn 5 Classic Finest Flashback players in the new Legends & Flashbacks Finest collection.

Check out the Finest players in the Community Market here!  2020 Finest Series

To unlock Stage 4 of Team Affinity with new Finest Series players:

  • Earn 190 points for each team by completing Stages 1, 2 & 3. Play Missions, Moments and Showdown
  • Tip: When inside a Team Affinity program, Press R1 or L1 to see different Stages.
  • New Moments and Conquest Maps can be completed to earn immediate progress for your current TA Stage.
  • Play March To October to earn Team Affinity Points as you progress through the season.
  • Innings Missions can be played in single player Conquest or VS CPU games.
  • Multiplayer innings missions count for Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale and Events games.

Once you reach 190 points, Stage 4 Missions will unlock, allowing you to earn more Stubs, packs, and the 2020 Finest Series players.

New in Team Affinity Stage 4:

  • New Showdown! MLB Finest Showdown. You will earn Stage 4 Showdown vouchers here. By completing the Showdown, you will earn 5 vouchers that can be redeemed in the Stage 4 Voucher Exchange for any club. The mission won’t be available until you unlock Stage 4, but you can play the Showdown.
  • March To October missions to earn credit at different junctures in the season.
  • Exchange Rival player items for each team. The mission is repeatable.
  • New Moments can be completed to earn progress in any stage of Team Affinity
  • Stat missions: One stat mission in each Team Affinity for the Faces of the Franchise player earned in Stage 3. Another stat mission that requires you to accrue some stat with players from that specific team. Both missions can be completed either in single player or multiplayer modes.

Important: All Stage 1, 2 & 3 Missions, Moments and Showdowns remain available to play.

Note: Leftover Stage 1, 2 & 3 Showdown vouchers can be exchanged for Team Affinity packs! Go to the Exchange >> Player Exchange screen.

Watch the November 6 Stream covering the new Finest content

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Team Affinity 4 - 2020 Finest Series