Team Affinity Season 5 Brings 30 Finest Players + Ken Griffey Jr. Revealed as New Collection Reward

November 19th, 2021

Team Affinity Season 5 hits MLB The Show 21 today! The Finest Series player items make their debut alongside brand-new Programs, Moments, Missions, Conquest Maps and a Showdown. The MLB’s best of the best are featured in TA5 so let’s get ready to play ball!

Team Affinity Season 5 Conquest Maps

Try your hand at these all-new Team Affinity Season 5 Conquest Maps. Conquer territories, grow your fan base, and defeat the strongholds of your rivals to earn 45 Team Affinity points towards the respective programs plus packs, stubs, and other rewards along the way.

9th Inning Collection – Team Affinity Season 5

Earn 35,000 XP towards the 9th Inning Program by collecting 3 player items from Team Affinity Season 5 in this new 9th Inning Collection.

Final Legends & Flashbacks Collection

Collect Legends & Flashbacks to earn series vouchers that go towards the Ken Griffey Jr. Collection. You will need to collect 8 vouchers for Milestone Jimmie Foxx, and 16 for the final reward: 99 Milestone Ken Griffey Jr.

Double XP Days

Earn twice the XP from gameplay towards the 9th Inning Program during Double XP Days starting today and running until December 10th at 11:00 AM PT.

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