The Bosses are back in the 11th Inning Program

January 7th, 2022

The 11th Inning Program is live and it’s your chance to re-earn all the previous inning Boss player items that you may have missed out on when those programs came to an end. Additionally, you’ll be able to earn previous innings’ Diamond and Classic Choice Packs, along with other rewards, as you progress through the 11th Inning Program.

11th Inning Conquest Map – 2022

Celebrate the New Year with the 2022 Conquest Map. Conquer territories, grow your fan base, and defeat your rivals’ strongholds to earn 45,000 XP towards the 11th Inning Program.

11th Inning Collection – Milestone Albert Pujols

Earn 30,000 XP towards the 11th Inning Program by collecting Milestone Albert Pujols in MLB The Show 21.