The Past meets the Present in the Cover Athletes Program

April 21st, 2022

With so many amazing athletes gracing the covers throughout the MLB The Show series, including MLB The Show 22’s Shohei Ohtani, it’s only right that we give them all their place to shine. Take on Moments and Missions featuring your favorite MLB The Show cover athletes to earn Program Stars towards the Cover Athletes Program to add Stubs, The Show Packs, a Headliners Pack – Set 1, and the Cover Athletes Choice Pack, that lets you choose a player item from one of the previous cover athletes, to your inventory in MLB The Show 22.

Cover Athletes Showdown

Build your squad of Flashbacks and Legends from the Cover Athletes Series, then take on MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete Shohei Ohtani in the new Showdown to get 25 Program Stars towards the Program.

April Monthly Awards Program – Topps Now Moments

The April Monthly Awards Program is bringing a whole new set of Topps Now player items for you to earn by taking on Week 2 Moments including:

  • CF Brandon Marsh (84 OVR)
  • SS C.J. Abrams (84 OVR)
  • SP Nestor Cortes (84 OVR)

Collect these 3 new Topps Now player items, in addition to the previous player items in the program, to earn Diamond Seiya Suzuki.

Moonshot Weekend Event

It is time to light some pitchers up! Try to outscore your opponents in this all-out slugfest. Common pitchers against the best hitters you can put on your squad. Collect wins to earn this Breakout Tim Salmon.

Event Rules:

  • Common Pitchers Only
  • Any Hitters
  • Coors Field Only
  • 3 Inning Games
  • Min Player = 55 OVR
  • All-Star Difficulty

Move fast because this event ends at noon PT on 4/25.

Headliners Pack – Set 7

Headliners Pack – Set 7 features 3-time All-Star and Silver Slugger Award recipient Matt Carpenter in his Prime Series player item.

  • The Headliners Pack – Set 7 has 1:10 odds of pulling a Diamond. This pack is available now in The Show Shop for 7,500 Stubs and is limited to 5 packs per player.
  • The Headliners Choice Pack – Set 7 has 1:3 odds of pulling a Diamond. This choice pack is available now in The Show Shop for 25,000 Stubs and is limited to 1 pack per player.

*The Headliners Pack and the Headliners Choice pack Diamond odds have a chance to include the featured Diamond player item however, that chance does not guarantee that the featured Diamond player item will drop from either pack.

Double XP Days

Double XP Days are back! Gain double XP from gameplay by taking on conquest maps, programs, moments and more! This is your fast track to completing the Faces of the Franchise Program and earning all those amazing Packs and Stubs in the rewards path! Double XP starts today (April 21st), and ends Friday, April 29th at 11 AM PT.