The Tampa Bay Rays are hosting the second season of the Rays Gaming Sunburst Invitational

May 29th, 2024

The Tampa Bay Rays are hosting the second season of the Rays Gaming Sunburst Invitational. This ‘MLB The Show24’ tournament, will feature four online qualifier tournaments eligible to players in the US and Canada aged 13+.*

“We were incredibly excited by the positivity from Rays fans across the country and the large MLB The Show esports community after launching our program last season,” said Rays Vice President of Marketing Patrick Abts. This year, we’re excited to offer more qualifiers and chances for players to participate and compete. We look forward to hosting the winners in St. Petersburg, FL for the championship this August.”

Unique to the Sunburst Invitational, each player must compete with the Tampa Bay Rays live roster throughout each of the double-elimination tournaments and on legend difficulty.

Broadcasting Schedule and Twitch Drops!

Each of the qualifier finals and championship will be hosted on the official Tampa Bay Rays Twitch channel @RaysBaseballGaming. Qualified viewers will have the opportunity to redeem MLB The Show packs through Twitch drops.

Sunburst Invitation Qualifier dates are as follows:

  • Sunburst Invitational Qualifier #: April 20, April 21, April 27 and April 28 (Finals)
  • Sunburst Invitational Qualifier #2: May 24, May 25, May 26 and May 27 (Finals)
  • Sunburst Invitational Qualifier #3: June 15, June 16, June 17 and June 22 (Finals)
  • Sunburst Invitational Qualifier #4: July 5, July 6, July 7 and July 8 (Finals) 

Sunburst Invitational Championship:

  • August 1: Semifinals (St. Petersburg, FL)
  • August 2: Finals (St. Petersburg, FL)

Winners of each of the four qualifier finals will have their travel expenses covered to compete in
the Sunburst Invitational Championship, a LAN event hosted in St. Petersburg, FL and a
$10,000 prize pool!

Tournament and all registration information can be found on

*Tournament is available for players on PlayStation and Xbox. Internet connection and online
multiplayer subscription (sold separately) required. Terms and restrictions apply, for official
rules, visit