Twitch Drops Are Back

April 15th, 2022

Twitch Drops are back! For our fans on Twitch, you can earn MLB The Show 22 Twitch Packs by just watching MLB The Show 22 streams that have Drops Enabled. And to celebrate, we are doing our first “Drops For All” Weekend where any broadcaster with a linked account can have a Drops Enabled stream.

How do I earn Twitch Drops? 

Twitch Drops requires you to create an MLB The Show account and link your platform account(s) and then link your Twitch account. Once you create and link your accounts, just go to the MLB The Show directory on Twitch and look for “Drops Enabled” streams and start watching.

How do I make my stream Drops Enabled?

To make your stream be “Drops Enabled” you will need to link your account in the same way above. On Twitch you do need to make sure you set your category to “MLB The Show 22” and make sure that Drops are enabled in Settings > Stream.

How do I get my Drops? 

Once you have unlocked a Drop you must “Claim” the pack from the Drops Inventory ( Screen. You must claim the pack and then boot MLB The Show 22 for the pack to appear in your in-game inventory. 

We are excited to be bringing Twitch Drops to MLB The Show 22 and look forward to more Drops Enabled streams on the San Diego Studio Twitch Channel and watch for future Drops For All events during the season.