Wild Card Program captures Postseason excitement in MLB The Show 21

October 8th, 2021

Relive the excitement of the Wild Card round in MLB The Show 21 through the new Wild Card Program. Unlock the first 2021 Postseason flashbacks with a brand new card design. Four players are represented who played in the A.L. and N.L. games, and 99 OVR Chris Taylor headlines the program reward path. Play moments, missions, optional Event games and a new Wild Card Conquest map to earn progress to unlock all four Postseason players, plus other packs and rewards.

Wild Card Conquest Map

Keep the postseason moving by taking on the Wild Card Conquest Map in MLB The Show 21. Conquer territories, grow your fan base, and defeat your rivals’ strongholds to earn points towards the Wild Card Postseason Program plus stubs and more rewards.

7th Inning Player Program – John Smoltz

In addition to the Postseason content, we have a new 7th Inning Player Program and 7th Inning Conquest map. Play your favorite “Smoltzie” moments in the 7th Inning Player Program featuring closing pitcher Signature John Smoltz. Earn Signature John Smoltz through this Player Program, then collect this player item to earn 35,000 XP towards the 7th Inning Program.

7th Inning Conquest Map – Cubes

If you’re looking for an opportunity to exponentially earn XP towards the 7th Inning Program, the 7th Inning Conquest Map – Cubes is for you! Seize territories, expand your fan base, and rout your rivals right out of their strongholds to earn 25,000 XP towards the 7th Inning Program + a sizeable sum of additional rewards in the 7th Inning Conquest Map – Cubes.

Division Series Event

Check out the Division Series Event, available now in MLB The Show 21, to add Signature Bert Blyleven, Finest Anthony Rendon, and Milestone Rickey Henderson to your lineup.

Event Rules:

  • Players on Teams in the 2021 Division Series
  • Or Common players
  • Max Player: 99 OVR
  • Max Team: 99 OVR
  • 3-Inning Games
  • All-Star Difficulty

*The Division Series Event ends on October 15th at 11:00 AM PT

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