MLB The Show 22 Summer Circuit: Game Day Guide

May 20th, 2022

The MLB The Show 22 Summer Circuit begins this weekend on Saturday at 9AM PT with the first Qualifier. Here’s a guide to help you on game day.

Click here to learn more about the whole Summer Circuit and here for a FAQ on the tournament

Preparing for Game Day

Before you’ll be able to play in the tournament you have to sign up. If you’re not registered by 9 AM PT you can’t compete.  

Sign up here for any of the Qualifiers.

Also be sure to join the Battlefy MLB The Show 22 Tournament Support Discord Server for direct responses from tournament admins throughout the whole event. 

Ahead of each Qualifier ensure that your roster is eligible for the competition and has the ‘Circuit Eligible marker’ or you may be disqualified. 

Here are the squad requirements:

3 x 95+ overall ratings players (or below)
3 x 85-94 overall ratings players (or below)
The rest 84 or below overall rating

Starting Pitchers Limit:
2 x 95+ overall rating starters (or below)
1 x 85-94 overall rating starter (or below)
The remaining 2, 84 or below overall rating

Bullpen Limit:
2 x 95+ overall rating bullpen pitchers (or below)
3 x 85 – 94 overall rating bullpen pitchers (or below)
3 x 84 or below overall rating bullpen pitchers

Supercharged, Community Parallel, and Inside Edge boosts count towards overall ratings.

Playing on Game Day 

On Game Day, the goal in each Qualifier is to make it to the Top 64 on Day 1, and then the Top 16 on Day 2. The Top 16 players from each Qualifier move on to the Grand Finals.

A quick reminder that the format for Day 1 of the MLB The Show 22 Summer Circuit this year is an eight hour open ladder, so there’s no longer the need to check in on game day. Simply show up any time between 9AM PT and 5PM PT and get six three-inning games in for your score to count. 

Each win earns a player a point and each loss loses a player a point. The Top 64 players on the leaderboard (plus ties) will move on to Day Two. Day Two will feature a single-elimination bracket to determine the 16 players who will move on to the Grand Finals. 

Everyone who plays at least six games will earn 11,000 Stubs for participating. 

Once the ladder opens at 9AM PT, all you need to do to find a match is go to the Battlefy Qualifier page and Press Join Queue. Battlefy will only assign you an opponent who is also looking for a match. Once you’ve both accepted the match, you’ll see your opponent’s username. Add each other as Friends in MLB The Show.

Refer to the FAQ if you have any questions about adding cross-platform players to your Friend’s List.

Now that you have the opponent on your Friends List, and your eligible roster, go back to your Battlefy page. The person on the left in the Battlefy page will be the home team and needs to make the game using the required settings

  • Cross play: ON (network setting)
  • Add friends: ON (network setting)
  • Messaging: ON (network setting)
  • Mode: Diamond Dynasty
  • Hitting: Legend
  • Pitching: Legend
  • Guess Pitch: OFF
  • Quick Counts: OFF
  • Strike Zone: ON
  • Hot Zone: OFF
  • Balks: OFF
  • Umpire Accuracy: Perfect
  • Umpire close plays: OFF
  • Ejections: OFF 
  • Injuries: OFF
  • Presentation mode: Fast Play
  • Created ballplayers are not permitted.

Play out your game, then go back to Battlefy and report your score. You may even want to take a screenshot of the game results in case anything is disputed.

Now, repeat! Again, during the eight hour window on Game Day, you’ve got to get in at least six, 3-inning games for your score to count.

What are the prizes for the Open Qualifier?

  • 1st Place: 1,050,000 MLB The Show 22 Stubs
  • 2nd Place: 600,000 MLB The Show 22 Stubs 
  • 3rd – 4th Place: 300,000 MLB The Show 22 Stubs
  • 5th – 8th Place: 150,000 MLB The Show 22 Stubs 
  • 9th – 16th Place: 67,500 MLB The Show 22 Stubs 
  • 17th – 32nd Place: 24,000 MLB The Show 22 Stubs 
  • 33rd – 64th Place: 11,000 MLB The Show 22 Stubs
  • Every player who finishes the minimum number of games (6) will receive 11,000 Stubs, win or lose.
  • Every player who makes it to Day 2 (Top 64 players plus ties) will receive their prize in addition to the participation prize (For example, 64th place will receive 22,000 Stubs).

If you don’t make Top 16 in any Qualifier, you can always try again. Here’s the full schedule.


  • Qualifier 1: May 21-22
  • Qualifier 2: May 28-29
  • Qualifier 3: June 4-5
  • Qualifier 4: June 11-12
  • Finals: June 18-19

If you’re not quite ready to compete but want to watch the games, head over to community caster Thuney’s Twitch Channel throughout both days of every Qualifier to watch him break down the action. 

Twitch Drops for all are on too, so be sure to learn how to link your account here to get some freebies while you enjoy the Summer Circuit. 

For more on the Summer Circuit click here to review the full Summer Circuit Ruleset